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    One to two hour free discussion or informal briefing -
  • The most frequently asked questions will be addressed that should be asked by anyone or any business venturing into a web presence.
  • Help with the set up of basic Internet Accounts: Dial Up, World Wide Web presence webpages for promotion and for interaction with offices and/or public.
  • Domain Names: Explain the concept and suggest how to get the one you want at a reasonable cost.
  • Precautions for new comers to take reliable dial up for e-mail accounts, flexible and responsive web hosting accounts.
  • General recommendations: Specific recommendations come with contract for pay services.
  • Discussions of what might be offered in a formal presentation of recommended options - a 'Preliminary Design' - see Package Three
    Two to four hour briefing and group discussion - contact for pricing
  • This covers the basic topics in 'Package One' but provides more specific recommendations for domain registrars and hosting providers.

    The minimum hosting through IntegrationNetwork provides :
    Easy to use 'Web Based' control panel
    Full Shell and FTP access
    Free 24 by 7 Technical support
    Free submission to major search engines
    Comprehensive web site statistics
    Unlimmited email forwarding and auto-responders
    Preliminary Design contact for pricing
  • * Fee depends upon the size of response, related to man-hours in preparation for project.
    Design Implementation contact for pricing
  • * Fee depends upon man-hours involved. For extended presence, and hourly rate can be negotiated.
  • All costs for hardware, software, fees related to establishing accounts with third party service providers (dial-up and web hosts, ect.) are to be covered by the client. This insures the client has the automomy from the start allowing the client to control all aspects of the site.

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